Reliable Home Care and Nursing Services

Home Family Care provides a wide variety of in-home care services not only to meet the need of our clients, but to exceed their needs. If you or a loved one needs any of the following in-home care services, give Home Family Care a call today:


    • Personal Care (Home Health Aide)
    • Support (Homemaker)
    • Skilled Nursing (RN, LPN)
    • Therapy (PT, OT, ST, MSW)
    • Geriatrics
    • Pediatrics
    • Rehabilitation

Each of our clients receive a Staff Supervisor who coordinates services and schedules staff; a Nursing Supervisor who assesses needs, draws up a care plan and supervises clinical care and a passionate and understanding caregiver who delivers the personalized in-home care services. Moreover, each and every Home Family Care office is staffed with experienced on-call supervisors who are ready and able to respond to our clients’ calls, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Arranging Services

Home Family Care accepts and helps to coordinate reimbursement for in-home care services from long-term health care, Workers Compensation, private health insurances, auto insurance, HMOs, VA benefits, Medicaid (available in some areas) as well as other government-funded health care programs.


Home Family Care participates in Medicare and Medicaid programs, depending on the location.


Because we are here to help you in every way that we can as an in-home care provider, we help you to get the maximum level of coverage that you are entitled to and we bill the proper organizations accordingly. We’ve found that many of our clients appreciate this gesture and we offer it to you as part of our in-home care service.


Home Family Care provides in-home care services without regard to race, gender, religion, handicap, age or nationality.


Medicare and Medicaid are both federally-funded health care programs which help to cover the needs of low-income, disabled and or retired US citizens. Both programs have their own set of eligibility requirements and unique uses.


Medicaid is generally offered to low-income individuals and families. Coverage for Medicaid is determined on a State level and coverage’s may include prescription drugs, eye exams and other medical needs.


Medicare is reserved for individuals 65 years of age or older, those who are eligible for Social Security Disability and those who have specific health problems. However, unlike Medicaid, qualifications for Medicare are the same for all States.


Home Family Care works with patients who have Medicare and Medicaid in many of our Home Family Care office locations. If you have any questions about these programs or you need more information – feel free to call your local Home Family Care office.

Personal Care

At Home Family Care, we understand the meaning of personal, in-home care services – taking care of individuals who need help is the very reason that we’re in this business. Our mission as a company is to provide services with compassion, excellence and reliability; we demonstrate our commitment to this mission through our personal care services.


Our Home Health Aides, who are supervised by registered nurses, lead our patients through individualized care plans. These plans can include bathing, ambulation, dressing and even simple physical exercises for rehabilitation. As a home health care provider, our primary concern is to help our patients recover and we help to expedite that recovery by providing personalized services through our knowledgeable and friendly caregivers.

Support Services

Home Family Care is a full-service home care provider, being such, we offer home care services that generally fall beyond the reach of traditional in-home health care services.


Sometimes our clients need more than just in-home medical care; for those who do not have the ability to fully care for themselves, Home Family Care offers non-medical support services. These services can include laundry, light housekeeping, grocery shopping and even meal preparation. Our homemakers are a part of our dedicated team of caregivers and are able to help make your in-home care experience more pleasant.


As a parent, you are likely more concerned with the well-being of your child than your own; in fact, you probably consider the well-being of your child as being one of your top priorities in life. At Home Family Care we know how important your child is and care for him or her with a family-oriented, team approach that gives your child the best chance of success.


Children are cared for by our pediatric nurses. Our nurses are specialists in their field and they embody Home Family Cares’ core values of compassion, excellence and reliability.


Our Pediatric Home Care Program provides for the special needs of at-risk children and technology-dependent children up to eighteen years old. We also provide family-focused care in general pediatrics, baby care and rehabilitation.


As we get older, our bodies have a tendency to show signs of the long life we’ve lived and the toll that life has taken on our bodies. At Home Family Care, we have a team of qualified professionals who are specially trained to help our older patients with their wide variety of medical care and personal care needs.


Home Family Care Geriatric Home Care services allow those with advance age to maintain an independent lifestyle while remaining in their home. Our comprehensive geriatric services include the finest in general medical care for episodic and chronic challenges alike. In addition to our geriatric medical care, our nurses provide non-medical supportive services and personal care services for patients who need it.


Home Family Care offers specialized rehabilitation nursing services called the Home Family Care Program. Home Family Care is available for clients who have sustained disabilities following catastrophic injury or chronic illness or who are recovering from orthopedic procedures (such as hip or knee replacements), other surgical procedures or deconditioning after a hospital stay.


When indicated, one of our Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurses (CRRNs) will meet the client and family in the hospital (prior to discharge) to perform an assessment of the client’s diagnosis and formulate treatment goals. The CRRN will also visit a client’s home to assess the adaptability of the home environment, equipment needs, safety and accessibility. By performing this assessment, we can help improve cost-effectiveness by ensuring efficacy and preventing the purchase of inappropriate equipment.


Working closely with doctors, therapists, insurance companies and equipment providers, our CRRNs perform client evaluations and provide input on appropriate care and equipment. If necessary, the CRRN (or her designate) will directly supervise a client’s home rehabilitation program.


Another vital component of the Home Family Care Program is teaching and training the client, family and caregiver. Experience has shown that client learning and competence improves significantly in the familiar home setting. Our team also helps clients resolve psychosocial problems related to the injury or disability-including issues related to sexuality, interpersonal relationships and economics.


Through the rehabilitation process, the Home Family Care Programs teach clients to integrate new skills, home safety, adaptive equipment and positive coping mechanisms into their home, community, work and family lives.

Case Management

Home Family Care provides a full range of home care services—delivered with compassion, excellence, and reliability—customized to meet the client’s individual needs; RNs, LPNs, HHAs, Therapists, and MSWs. With our expertise in continuous care nursing, we are able to transition even the most complex cases, from the hospital to home.


Once you refer a case to Home Family Care, we follow it from admission to discharge, assuring your expectations are met. Home Family Care’ will work closely with you to ensure prompt turn around of referrals and appropriate coordination of services and communications with your organization.


Home Family Care works with all referral sources, including insurance companies, HMO’s, Hospital Discharge Planners, Physicians, and family members. We have a record of converting 98% of all referrals with more than 98% client satisfaction.