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Home Family Care offers specialized rehabilitation nursing services called the Home Family Care Program. Home Family Care is available for clients who have sustained disabilities following catastrophic injury or chronic illness or who are recovering from orthopedic procedures (such as hip or knee replacements), other surgical procedures or deconditioning after a hospital stay.

When indicated, one of our Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurses (CRRNs) will meet the client and family in the hospital (prior to discharge) to perform an assessment of the client's diagnosis and formulate treatment goals. The CRRN will also visit a client's home to assess the adaptability of the home environment, equipment needs, safety and accessibility. By performing this assessment, we can help improve cost-effectiveness by ensuring efficacy and preventing the purchase of inappropriate equipment.

Working closely with doctors, therapists, insurance companies and equipment providers, our CRRNs perform client evaluations and provide input on appropriate care and equipment. If necessary, the CRRN (or her designate) will directly supervise a client's home rehabilitation program.

Another vital component of the Home Family Care Program is teaching and training the client, family and caregiver. Experience has shown that client learning and competence improves significantly in the familiar home setting. Our team also helps clients resolve psychosocial problems related to the injury or disability-including issues related to sexuality, interpersonal relationships and economics.

Through the rehabilitation process, the Home Family Care Programs teach clients to integrate new skills, home safety, adaptive equipment and positive coping mechanisms into their home, community, work and family lives.

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