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Our Nurses

As many people already know, there is a nursing shortage in the United States; a shortage that has actually been going on for quite a while.  Here at Home Family Care we are well-aware of the current nursing shortage and we work tirelessly to minimize the impact of these shortages on our clients.  While we do our best, there are times that we, too, must face the reality that there are not enough new nurses available today.

We address this shortage in a straight-forward fashion: we do everything we can to make Home Family Care a desirable place to work.  The reason we do this is twofold; one reason is to retain our existing nursing staff while the other reason is to attract and hire nurses and in-home caregivers that have the extraordinary expertise that our clients expect from us.

Home Family Care only hires the best-in-the-business caregivers.  We whole-heartedly believe that our employees are heroes to those whom they care for; we recognize that fact and respect them for the important work they do when caring for our clients.  Our respect, along with the satisfaction that comes from helping those in need, helps to keep our heroic workforce inspired through the occasional long shifts, continuous hard work and overtime.

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